about me

1 let me introduce myself

i'm abdullah, a mathematics student at the only francophone university in turkey: l'université galatasaray. i've been using unix-like system since 2015 and typesetting interests me, hence the immediate entailment: i adore tex.

i was born in 1999, selçuklu, konya; a city in the central anatolia region at turkey. though, as per study, i reside in sarıyer, istanbul, as of 7 january 2021.

2 what's up with oneofvalts? glad you asked.

let me help you decypher it: it's actually 'oneofVALTs', or 'one of VALTs', if you will. OR (as in french conjunction), VALT is the abbreviation of 'very articulate loud thinker'. donc, i am one of very articulate loud thinkers. jokes not aside, because it's the whole point and actually, 'VALTs' is the name of our never-founded band we dreamt a substantial time ago. shout-out to:

  • numan yüksel, the master of analogies and great formulations
  • durmuş uyu, the possessor of weirdest aesthetics
  • bayram uyu, the elder brother

as they are the personae of this dream, too.

Author: abdullah uyu

Created: 2021-01-07 Thu 02:28

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